Post Election 2016: The Choice That is Still Yours to Make | #68

It will take a while before we will be able to shake off the bad feelings and anger that surrounded us on all sides of this election. While revenge fantasies are often the first thing that comes to mind (or at least, came to ours), in the end, those thoughts just make you feel worse and less in control of the world around you. So we set out to find someone who has a very different take on what to do right now to feel better, and a story to go with it. It turns out that we didn’t need to look very hard. We bring Suzanne’s dad into the studio for everyone’s favorite segment, and “Ask Arthur” to share his story about a lost camera case, some friendly Geeks, and returning something that money can’t buy.

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If You’re Angry and You Know It | The Big Payoff @Daily Worth #4

Getting emotional at the office is typically a big no-no. Expressing anger can be particularly nasty. But is it really healthy to keep it all in? (Black Mirror Season 3 watchers will know the answer to that.) Maybe Trump really is right (yes, that’s not a typo) and what happens at work IS, in fact, only business? Cue Anne Kreamer, one of the founders of Spy Magazine, a Fast Company columnist, and author of the book (cue drumroll)…It’s All Personal. Anne gave us the full frontal on anger at work, and we didn’t cry once.

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Feeling scared at work? Fear not. | #67

Does arriving at your desk in the morning, flipping open your laptop, or hearing the ping of your phone feel like the beginning of a Stephen King movie? Feeling scared and anxious at work is all too common. We break it down and talk to an expert coach from the The Muse to help us understand and face our demons. Make some popcorn and get comfortable. Here we go.

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Getting in Bed with Entrepreneurs | The Big Payoff @DailyWorth #3

You are all in with your job, and it’s hard to separate your work life from personal life. You might even fantasize about being in a relationship with someone who allows you to engage in work-related pillow talk at all hours. But what if both you and your partner/spouse both need that kind of support and attention? Is that a dream, or a nightmare? We wanted to get the unphotoshopped scoop on what a committed relationship actually looks like between two, hard-driving entrepreneurs. We hit the jackpot when we decided to interview “it” couple Miki Agrawal, founder of Thinx, and her boyfriend (turned fiancé since we taped this show!) Andrew Horn, founder of Tribute. They joined us in the studio and agreed to give us their honest and raw he said/she said take on their relationship, Newlywed Game Style. This episode will make you stop and think about many, many things, and will help you answer the age old question, “Evening or morning sex?”

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The Power of Broke | The Big Payoff @DailyWorth | #2

Shark Tank’s Daymond John shares why you should never stop feeling broke.

Daymond John, the fashion mogul and investor known as “the people’s shark” on Shark Tank, joined Rachel and Suzanne in the studio to share some incredible insights and lessons about how to harness the “power of broke”—and keep that mindset even once you start to make some (or even a lot of) money. There are so many moments in this podcast that really kicked us back on our heels, and also made us burst out laughing. And for Shark Tank fans, don’t worry: we get some juicy behind-the-scenes intel, including the real story behind “the biggest fight ever to take place on Shark Tank,” and the reason that he is now a beekeeper (we couldn’t make that up).

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Three Words to Live By | #66

When you reach that moment when you’re asking yourself, “Is it time to move on?”, chances are, in your head, your head is already out the door and you’re dragging your feet to the office every day. While we wish we could come up with some great mantra to help you avoid getting to that point, it turns out…we don’t need to! On this episode we’ll share some truly sage advice on the secret to an amazing life from one of America’s icons: the great Norman Lear.


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Your Inner Hulk | #65

When you’re stressed out and overwhelmed, you are not your “best self.” Instead, you unleash your Inner Hulk, and it’s not pretty. Rachel and Suzanne reveal their own monsters, and we “call a coach” with expertise to tell us exactly what we can all do to tame the beast.

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When Your Boss Goes on Vacation | #64

You might think that there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the office when your boss goes on Summer vacation. But what if her vacation is actually your moment to shine? Rachel and Suzanne share some truly cringe-worthy stories from their early careers, and offer (more mature) tips on ways to make the most of the Great Indoors while your boss heads to the beach.

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Strong is the New Pretty | #63

In honor of this month’s Serena Williams Glamour cover, we are (re) posting our most listened to episode (so if you missed it, now’s your chance). Everyday we are reminded how women are judged by the way they look and behave. Photographer Kate Parker’s “Strong is the New Pretty” photo campaign flips all that. There’s no question that a woman’s power and strength comes from a hell of lot more than just her looks. Right, Hillary? This is a good one. Take a listen.

To see Kate Parker’s portfolio, click here.

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